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Here are a few feature photographs from our trip to Africa (click here) - but the slide shows (below) give a better presentation.


For the slideshows, look  for a button like this towards the top right of the slideshow window - click on that to run the slideshow or double click that button to vary the speed of the slideshow (default is 3 seconds per slide).  If you are on a full page of thumbnails, click on any thumbnail to move to the slide show window.  There is a "help" link at the bottom of the slide show and thumbnail pages.

Balloon flight over Canberra March 2010
Scotland and England November 2008 - touring, visiting John, staying with David, Una-Lynne and Anna-Faye at Mole Cottage
Vanuatu March 2008 - a short break on a Pacific Island
Wedding of David and Una-Lynne 10 August 2007 - early happy snaps, still waiting for the good photos to be sorted! (and I forgot to collect the CD of photos while in the UK, so it is still not updated)
Vietnam and Cambodia slide show - from our May 2007 trip
Africa trip - a slide show from our trip to Africa in April 2006

Cairns October 2006


other happy snaps


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